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Toddler Raises Money For Kilgore 'Relay For Life"

      Several east Texas cities are hosting "Relay for Life events" this weekend as a fundraiser for the American cancer society, but a 4 year old Kilgore girl is collecting donations, as well as the hearts of those who give.  

    Brannon Russell took it upon herself this year to raise more than 11-hundred dollars for the American cancer society, armed with a smile and a purple piggy bank. Brannon's grandfather passed away from cancer, and spurred her to ask her mother if she could work for the relay.

     "And when I explained to her that my father died of colon cancer. She asked if she could join in, I told her yes it would be a good idea if you can help, she could help" says Jennifer Russell.

     Organizers provided her with a purple piggy bank. Over a 4- month period, she visited businesses, fire stations, police stations, just about anywhere she could to collect donations. Everyone was taken in by the little girl with the infectious smile.

      "I was at a restaurant the other night and she came into see me and 15 other guys stepped up to her little piggy bank just like that" says Kilgore "Relay for Life" chairman Steve Brown.

    "If a 4 year old girl could raise $1100 just think of what you could do" Jennifer says.

    There's no hidden agenda, no selfish motive, just the simple innocent caring of a child. "I'd love to see more Brannon's in this world" Brown says.

     Bob Hallmark reporting.

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