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Freedom Fighters: Roosevelt McKeller


Post -traumatic stress and agent orange illnesses  have followed Roosevelt McKeller since his two tours of duty in Vietnam.
One of seventeen children, McKeller joined the army in 1960 at the age of eighteen,  and arrived in Vietnam in '67 for his first tour of duty.

Whether it was the constant fire fights or mortar shells aimed at their camp, McKeller and his fellow soldiers found that no place was safe.

One of McKeller's most vivid memories is seeing a buddy blown up by a mortar.Afterward McKeller, realized he didn't even know his friend's name.

After his second tour of duty in Vietnam in 1971 and 1973, McKeller returned home to find that protesters had devised another name for Vietnam soldiers.

McKeller says his church, new hope church,  helped him get over the hurt of the protesters, and time has helped the frequency of his nightmare flashbacks.

He says his flashbacks are less frequent now and the effects of agent orange are under treatment.
in spite of disturbing memories and health problems, Roosevelt McKeller wants others to know that he's proud to have served his country.

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