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Students' "Critters" Tackle Litter In Tyler

Dragons, monsters, rabbits and cats were on the prowl at a Tyler elementary school. No need for alarm. The unusual creatures will help keep the city of Tyler beautiful.  Students at Caldwell Elementary unveiled their "litter critters" Friday morning.  Using city of Tyler trash cans and papier-mache, the students spent hours molding their designs into the unique trash bins.

The "critters" were brought to life in the students' art classes. Kids will throw their litter in to the mouth of each critter to encourage litter awareness.

"By picking up trash, and putting it in a trash can, and telling people they shouldn't litter," said students Abby Halbrook and Jordan Zurn.

"If you're going to like throw away trash, you don't throw it on the ground. You put it in a trash can," said student Inna Ford.

Each student was given a pin and named a "Litter Marshal." The pin reads, "Keep Tyler beautiful. Every 'litter' bit hurts."

Maya Golden reporting,

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