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Gold in Tyler: SRW Knights basketball takes it all at AAU Junior Olympic Games in Houston

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When the SRW Knights set out for the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Houston, their hope was to compete with the best. Little did they know, they would soon become the best. 

"When we got there, I was surprised. I was like, we're going for gold," said CJ Kump, Mount Pleasant native and gold medalist. 

"Michael came down and stole the ball, made a layup that tied the game. There was like 40 seconds on the clock left. I'm looking at myself, I called a timeout, and I realized we're about to do this," said Ricky Williams, Head Coach of the SRW Knights. 

Leaving their "Beast Texas" mark on the court, these 11 and 12 year old boys returned home as gold medalist. A special moment for not only themselves, but for the very important individuals that made sure they had everything they needed to succeed.

"My mom has always wanted to me to be something. She said, when can I have that gold medal? So we went down there, and won the championship and got the gold medals," said Damontra Brown, Tyler native and gold medalist. 

Accomplishing something most kids at their age can only dream of, what makes this group of basketball players true champions is their dedication to the game and one another. While most of the players are from the Tyler area, some travel from as far as Mount Pleasant. 

"We have Tyler, Mount Pleasant, Frankston, Winona, and Brownsboro. The parents did a great job of bringing them to practice everyday from all around and getting here on time. It was a great all around effort," said Coach Williams. 

"It is hard, but fun. I get a lot of fun and practice out of it, it helps me a lot," said Kump. 

"My teammates, there a lot of fun and they don't argue," said Ty Tillison, gold medalist and Brownsboro native. 

"It feels good, to know everybody. Just to get to play with them is special," said Brown. 

Coach Williams hopes to keep this team together all the way through high school. So it's safe to say, the SRW Knights are just getting started. 

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