'Sandwich sushi' for back-to-school lunches

Back to School: Sushi rolls

(KLTV/KTRE) - Here's a fun recipe for back-to-school lunches! Let the kids help make them which is even more fun for them, and may encourage them to try more vegetables, since they made it themselves. These are distinctly different than pinwheels made using tortillas, as you're simply using sandwich ingredients to create these; the bread gives it that sandwich flavor kids love.

Sandwich sushi

Several slices of good-quality sliced sandwich bread

Filling ideas


cream cheese
peanut butter or other nut butters


Sliced berries
banana slices
sliced peaches
thinly-sliced apples


red bell pepper slices
spinach leaves
whole green beans
shaved cucumber (use a vegetable peeler to shave thin)
shaved carrot


sliced deli ham or turkey
mini pepperonis
bacon slices
tuna salad
cheese slices


1.  Using a rolling pin, roll a slice of sandwich bread thin, flipping once and rolling opposite side.
2. Choose a spread, and cover the bread surface. Don't overdo it, or you'll have drippy sushi.
3. Choose your fillings, and cover about 1/4 of the bread, the edge closest to you, with the filling. Then roll the bread up into a sushi-like roll, rolling away from you, nice and firm.
4.  Slice the roll into 1" slices, and pack into a sandwich box. Refrigerate  or use ice pack in insulated lunch box.

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