Proud of East Texas: Flint Gypsies

Proud of East Texas: Flint Gypsies

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - When the Watkins family lost their jobs in the oil field, they did what they had always wanted to do: open a store.

"God is a Texan" is one of a number of popular quotes on Flint Gypsies' t-shirts.

"We carry Christian t-shirts and a lot of inspirational items here in the store," said store owner Kathy Watkins.

Flint Gypsies is a Christian-based family business, which actually began in 2015 with antiques. Watkins and her two daughters, Heather Slayton and Tiffani Watkins, are the store owners.

"We went all over the country. We've been to Montana. Tennessee is one of our favorite places to pick, we call it, and brought in a lot of home furnishings from there and treasures that we could share with other people," Kathy said.

Kathy's youngest daughter, Tiffany, was more interested in clothing than antiques, so in time, the antiques gave way to colorful clothing, shoes and jewelry. The shop is also one of the largest suppliers of Bible journaling supplies, thanks to daughter Heather, who teaches Bible journaling.

While Kathy describes Flint as "in the middle of nowhere," Facebook has opened up a whole world of customers for Flint Gypsies.

"We've had them come from all over to shop here because they see us online," she said.

Flint Gypsies has become popular with a number of country music stars, who especially love their unique accessories.

While customers flock to Flint Gypsies for the wide selection of interesting items, some come in simply for comfort.

"It never matter how full my shop is. I stop and take time to pray with those people," Kathy said.

Kathy says with that, working together as a family in Flint Gypsies has brought them closer together as they've shared their faith with one another.

Flint Gypsies is located at 18783 FM 2493 in Flint, with a second store in Jacksonville.

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