Replica Oval Office Built In Longview

A Longview man is working on an unusual addition to his home and it has a presidential feel. Ron Wade says he wants to build his own replica of the oval office. Ron is a former aid for the Nixon and Reagan administrations, and is a big fan of political memorabilia. He plans on furnishing the oval office with replica and authentic White House furniture he's purchased, such as a JFK rocking chair. Ron hopes the building becomes a teaching tool.

"I hope to have kids from history classes and colleges , high schools to come over and to be able to see what its really like in the oval office and share the history of the White House and the presidency," Wade says.

Ron says the project will cost around $200- thousand with furnishings. It should be finished within 3 months. Upon it's completion, we have been invited back to see the finished product and we will share it with you.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.