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Restaurant Reports: 8 restaurants get serious violations


Eight East Texas restaurants received the most serious violations in the latest inspection period by East Texas health departments.

 In Bullard:

Happy Donuts,
213 West Main Street
Prep cooler out of use for 2 months. (thermometer)
Employees thawing package of sausage in standing water at the prep sink (unclean)
Tray liners being reused for uncooked kolaches. (unclean)
Personal items stored in coolers. (danger)
Roach observed in mop-sink station. (Insect)
Total demerits: 20
Sonic Drive In,
206 North Doctor M-Roper Parkway
Missing date-marks on open packages of precooked hotdogs and chicken. (danger)
Bottles of water and boxes of juice and other food and/or drink items sitting directly on standing water. (danger)

Stained and dirty food warmer trays. (unclean)
Accumulated grease on deep fryers outside surfaces and vent-hood screens. (unclean)
Slim & dirt under the fountain drinks area near drive-thru. (unclean)
Total demerits: 23
In Longview:

Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant at 809 Pine Tree road,
Hygienic violations among employees. (unclean)
Cross contamination of eggs and tortillas found. (danger)
Queso was not date marked. (danger)
Rat poison found beside seasoning. (danger)
Food contact surfaces needed cleaning. (unclean)
Total demerits: 21
In Tyler:
Razzoo's Cajun Café,
7011 South Broadway Ave
Food kept too warm in prep cooler. (thermometer)
Utensils not getting sanitized properly. (unclean)
Slim in Ice machine. (unclean)
Observed wait-staff bare-handling shredded cheese from the salad cooler to salad. (unclean)
Dead insects observed in sticky traps in a closet. (insects)
Total demerits: 20
Peking Chinese Restaurant,
1021 East 5th Street
Cooked noodles and cabbage stored at too high temperature. (thermometer)
Employee not washing hands after handling dirty dishes and before handling clean dishes. (unclean)
Employee observed cutting ready-to-eat cabbage with bare hands. (unclean)
Flies in the food prep area. (insects)
Grease accumulated along cook line. (unclean)
Total demerits: 18
16551 FM 2493
Discard dates missing from prepared food. (danger)
Employee improperly using hairnet (braid was hanging out) (unclean)
Boxes of disposable cups and lids stored directly on the floor. (danger)
Flies observed in prep area. (insects)
Total demerits: 15
Dairy Queen #3,
12050 Highway 64 East
Employees observed handling frozen chicken and "animal protein products" with gloved hands, then handling ready to eat products without
changing gloves or washing hands. (unclean)
Flies observed on prepared food orders. (insects)
Employee observed raking food debris from sandwich prep area back into refrigerated product containers in a cooler. (unclean)
Sticky oily floors observed. (unclean)
Total demerits: 16
Oliveto Italian Bistro,
3709 Troup Highway #100
Food stored at improper temperatures due to cooler not operating correctly. (thermometer)
Cook observed using bare hands to handle cooked pizza. (unclean)
Flies observed in dish room area and prep area. (insects)
Observed thawing spinach dip ingredients in standing water in prep sink. (danger)
Total demerits: 15
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