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Road to 2024: East Texans begin training for the first Olympics they will be eligible for

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The 2016 Olympics are underway and everyone around the world will be watching to see who brings home the gold for their country. All of these athletes have a unique story on how they got to Rio. However, the chances are a common theme lies within those stories. That theme being that athletes going for gold, most likely started competing at a young age.

In the spirit of the summer games, we caught up with a group of young boys in Tyler, that are training to hopefully compete in the 2024 Olympics and beyond. 

Eight boys, who range in ages from 6 to 12, woke up to make a 9 o'clock practice at Texas East Gymnastics. With the age limit to try out for the Olympic team set at sixteen, these boys have a lot of training and waiting to do before they are old enough to possibly represent their country. That small detail didn't seem to phase them one bit.

In fact, this group of young gymnasts spent some time figuring out which Olympics they would be eligible for, after their sixteenth birthday. Most of the group won't be able to compete for a spot in the mens team until 2024. 

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