Better East Texas: 2016 Olympics

Better East Texas: 2016 Olympics

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The summer Olympics are upon us and you cannot escape the issues that have plagued Rio and the Olympic organizers.

Everything from sub-par housing for the athletes, unsanitary conditions and pollution littering the waterways that are competitive courses, even harmful bacteria in the ocean, have all cast a pall on the luster of the games. And, keep in mind, the U-S usually does very well in the medal count in the summer Olympics.

But still, let the games begin.  What has not received much coverage is the story of the Olympians themselves – those individuals who have sacrificed so much – put so much on hold to live and realize a dream and represent the United States in the process.

Texas has thirty-three Olympians participating in the games and, no doubt, many of them will contend for medals.  East Texas will be represented as well by Mackenzie Brown from Flint.  Mackenzie will be representing the U-S in the archery competition.  Our sports director, Justin Woodard, brought us the story of Mackenzie and her family and without question Mackenzie is special as is her family.

It is obvious where Mackenzie got her drive and who knows how she got interested in archery – but she is world class.  Ultimately, her story may end early in the Olympic competition or it could go all the way to the medal platform.

We'll see.  But win or lose, regardless of the conditions in Rio, the Olympics will make America proud and make for a Better East Texas.

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