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Susan McElroy

Hi KLTV, my name is Roxanne Weese and I am 18 years old. My mother, Susan McElroy, is the BEST mother in the WORLD. My mother has been there for me through EVERYTHING! She has been by my side when I got pregnant, had the baby, graduated, got married and I am about to have another baby in about 4 weeks. I think getting to tell her HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY on the news would be AWESOME! I also have 2 younger brothers who she takes care of and busts her butt to provide for them. All three of us couldn't ask for a better mother than her. She has always been hard working. My mother and father split up about 10 years ago and from then on she has done nothing but been my mother, father, and now my babies' grandmother. I know my mother deserves everything in the world and I think this will make her day when she hears a dedication on the news to her from the three wonderful kids in her life. So please dedicate a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to our mother Susan McElroy of Bullard, TX.

Entry submitted by: Roxanne, Michael, Austin, Rodney and Robbie

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