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Stretch Lid: “Does It Work?”


By Joe Terrell - bio | email | Twitter

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Everybody's got them...bowls with missing lids, bowls that never had lids! Open the refrigerator and it can begin to look like a sea of plastic wrap. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a "one size fits all" lid that would cover all those bowls?

That's the idea behind this week's "Does It Work?" product. It's an interesting idea...reusable lids that stretch to fit multiple size and shape containers. You get two in the package. One is small the other is large. Upon first inspection we found them to be much floppier and pliable than expected.

They're also just a little bit sticky. The small lid fits five inch bowls and stretches to fit seven inch bowls. The large goes from seven inches to nine. Putting them on a bowl is not as easy as we expected. Even on a relatively small bowl, we had trouble getting enough leverage to stretch the lid over all sides of the bowl. But, once we get it, it's on there good. We're able to vacuum seal it easily. We repeat the same experiment but add water to the bowl. Again, we stretch it on, but not without some struggle.

It's quite a task actually. But again, we get a great seal. The water will not leak out, even with violent shaking. And we had no leaks when we dropped the plastic bowl on the floor. We were able to fit the large Stretch lid over a nine inch pie plate. And the Stretch Lid also fits "non-round" dishes. It fit just fine over a rectangle candy tin. We got a great seal. So far, we're impressed. But how will they perform after a trip through the dishwasher? Well, they came out hot so we rinsed them off with cool water and started repeating the same tests as before.

The difference was unbelievable. We thought they were difficult to put on a bowl before they were washed. That was nothing. At times it took two people to stretch them over a bowl and we still couldn't get them to stay on. It was a struggle. Finally, we realized it wasn't the effects of the heat as much as it was the dampness of the Stretch Lid and our bowls.

We dried them off well and they performed just like they did before. But we still had a tough time getting them on the bowls. We almost dropped one of the ceramic bowls ten or fifteen times in just one attempt to apply the Stretch Lid! The idea's a great one. But we're afraid the Stretch Lid could be very difficult for some viewers to maneuver. Really, these things are stubborn!

"Does It Work?"

The seal, if you can get it, is great. But the best we can give this product is a "maybe." We bought the Stretch Lid at Target for $9.99. 

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