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The Eagles Have Landed

Drivers on an East Texas rural road are pulling over, and looking up at a natural wonder. A Bald Eagle's nest has been discovered in Smith County, close to Lake Palestine on Farm to Market Road 2661.

Visitors are flocking to Noonday see a family of bald eagles in the huge nest. A Park Ranger who happened by estimated it at four to six feet across. Those that have kept a close watch say there is a mother, two babies, and a father.

Gloria Williams was out today watching the nest with her daughter; but, she says, she missed some of the action. "We just barely missed [the father eagle] coming back with a fish in his claws - he brought it by and other people all got to see it... But we could see them still feeding, the momma was going down and up feeding them, so it's been exciting".

A "neighbor" to the tree says he does not mind all the traffic that has come by to see the eagles. However, he did say, however, he would appreciate it if people would not park their cars on his lawn.
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