7 On Your Side: The Wrinkle On Vitamins

They promise to reduce lines and wrinkles and basically fight the signs of aging, all from the inside out.

"It is becoming a hot topic," says Dr. Leslie Baumann with the American Academy of Dermatology. Anti-aging vitamins are all the rage, available in department stores, grocery stores, even online. But can vitamins really turn back time and make us look younger? We wanted to find out. So, we asked four women ranging from 30-to-50-something to take part in an unscientific test of two of the most popular products. The women were randomly given either Olay's Total Effects Beautiful Skin and Wellness or Murad's Youth Builder Supplement. "And what would you like to see improve with these vitamins?," ask Dermatologist Dr. Diane Walder as she examines one of our female testers. Dr. Walder agreed to oversee the test. First, she examined the women. And even snapped "before" pictures for the record. The women were told not to alter any skin care, diet or exercise routine. Then they were off to take their vitamins every day for five weeks.

While we await our results, what does the American Academy of Dermatology think about these skin-saving supplements? "All of the products that these people took do have different ingredients that will help hydrate the skin or will help increase blood flow to the skin," says Dr. Baumann. She says that will help you look more youthful, possibly even in days. There are also ingredients with long-term benefits "Antioxidants can prevent aging. It's like sunscreen. You may start using sunscreen today and you're not going to see results in a week, but in ten years you will look younger," says Dr. Baumann. She cautions, no supplements or any over-the-counter product can actually take away wrinkles that are already there.

So what did our testers think? First, Olay. "I think that I see a difference," says Mary Font. Mary was on Olay and she says even her friends noticed a difference. Meanwhile Olga didn't see any change but at $14.99 a month she'll keep taking them. "It's a good combination of vitamins," says Olga. "I don't really see a difference," says Cathy Moghari. Cathy wasn't impressed with Murad. But Bianca says they're worth the $45 a month. "I wouldn't say that I saw a difference but at least two people said, 'Oh, you're glowing!'," says Bianca. The results don't surprise Dr. Walder. She says, "Every product has a 30% placebo effect, so if you give it to three people, one's going to think they're dramatically improved."

Whether the results are real or perceived, Bianca says one thing is for certain: it's never too early to start worrying about wrinkles! "I'm still relatively young so it's a good time for me to do something preventive."

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com