Proud of East Texas: Dana Cargile

Proud of East Texas: Dana Cargile

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Dana Cargile began painting when she was in the fifth grade. But it wasn't until years later that she had time to turn her art into a career.

She has been interested in art as far back as she can remember. While other children were using crayons, she was painting with oils.

"My grandmother was an artist and I always begged her to teach me how to paint," Dana said.

When Dana was in the fifth grade, her grandmother finally gave in, and she's been painting ever since, although her mother advised her to not major in art in college.

"So I ended up majoring in fashion merchandising, which still had a lot of art, business and marketing, a nice blend of everything," said Dana.

Through marriage, a full-time job and children, Dana kept painting. These days, she not only paints but teaches others to paint in her "My Back Porch" studio.

"My Back Porch Studio is... I do commission art works with that and I also have art parties here and art lessons, and I teach painting and we do ceramics and we just really have a great time," she explained.

Dana's art students range from 7-70 and the paintings are on a wide range of subjects.

Dana's commission paintings range from landscapes and seascapes to pet portraits.

"I love to paint animals," she said.

Among Dana's special commissions are illustrations for the children's book, "Pet Fairy."

"I hope to do more books in the future," said Dana.

The large three-by-four foot painting in Dana's studio is one of her favorites.

"I painted at the little wranglers event with the pediatric patients, the children who have cancer," Dana explained. "Each child painted one object on the painting, and I painted with the children."

Even though the children's painting will soon find a new home, Dana Cargile, knows it will give as much joy to its new owners as it did to the artists who painted it.

The little wranglers painting will be auctioned at Tyler Cattle Barons on Saturday, August 20.

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