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Dean Believes His Business Savvy Makes Him The Best Mayoral Candidate

He's been on the Longview city council for the past seven years. Now, Jay Dean says he's ready to be mayor. Dean is one of seven candidates running for the office.

Jay Dean is the owner of a business in White Oak. They make custom valves for industries. It's that business savvy that he believes qualifies him to be the mayor of Longview.

"The make-up of the council is changing and I believe it's important for someone with the experience and the business entrepreneurial skills to lead this next council. I believe I'm the candidate for that position," says Dean.

The council is about to be thrust into the financial planning for the next year. Dean believes the current financial plan shouldn't be changed. "Last year, I was able to lead the council to put in place the first long term financial plan. It's a three-year plan and I think what we should do this year in the budget cycle is to go back to the plan and continue to follow the plan."

But there are some changes Dean insists on making. He says it's time Longview positions itself to be the hub of East Texas. "What I want to try to do is to lead the community effort in trying to make Longview the kind of place where we can start seeing our economic growth start to really develop some good higher paying jobs for our residents."

There is only one year remaining in this term. Dean says that time frame poses no problem. He says what he wants to get accomplished, can be done in that short amount of time.

Amy Tatum reporting.

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