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Suspect in Trimble Farm burglary arrested

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One person has been arrested, and police say they're seeking another suspect in the burglary of an East Texas locally-grown grocery store.

The burglars hit Trimble Farms early Saturday on FM 1795 in the community of Latch in Upshur County. Security video shows a suspect taking meat, cheese and eggs from the farm's product office, while another suspect waits in a running car.
"This happened late at night, there's no one around here usually. The theft doesn't just affect me and my family and customers, it affects them and
their extended family also so it's a sad thing," says owner Bobby Trimble.
Investigators say the security video was critical in identifying the suspects, particularly the car, which led them to Wood County. Trimble was notified that one suspect was arrested in Wood County, and a warrant was issued for the second suspect.

"We're really happy with the results, happy that these individuals were caught. You know when I grew up around here, you never locked your door,
left your keys in your vehicle, there was never a problem. You can't do that anymore because you have to worry about someone stealing from you," Trimble says.

Trimble has been flooded with calls and social media posts supporting his 'honor' system business.

"A lot of public support, and you never really know until something bad happens how many people are behind you and looking out for you. We just can't
say thank you enough for that," he says.

Investigators told Trimble that the burglars didn't get much of a chance to enjoy their plunder.

"From what I'm told they did get to eat a little bit of it. But I think they're going to find out it's not worth what they're going to pay now,"
Bobby says.

The Upshur county sheriff’s office says no names will be released until the suspects are arraigned in Upshur county.

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