Better East Texas: Controversy brews over Trans-Pacific Partnership

Better East Texas: Controversy brews over Trans-Pacific Partnership

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Perhaps you have heard the saying - politics makes for strange bedfellows.

In this age of political polar opposites, it is a rare happening when President Barack Obama and the Republican-led Congress are on the same page on legislation. But that is the case as it applies to the TPP or the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

This is a 12-country agreement that removes and revises tariffs on imports and exports between the participating countries. It essentially makes it easier for trade to take place between these countries. In a way, it creates a nearly free market that deals with trade similar to the European Union. The TPP has also become a popular rallying point during both political conventions as Donald Trump has said the U.S. should not ratify the agreement and Hillary Clinton, who was for the pact initially, is now saying she is against it.

So the TPP will probably go to a vote in Congress and it is possible it will be ratified and turned into law. Bernie Sanders is a huge opponent to the TPP and, if you saw any of the Democratic Convention, you saw anti-TPP signs across the sea of delegates. So, we'll have to see what happens and if, and that is a big if, if the trade agreement is passed, it will prove that this president and this Congress can work together – and what irony that will be in the final 6 months of Obama's term.

The TPP may only be a single item but it may carry an even larger symbolic weight if it is ratified. So watch for the TPP and see if it becomes the gridlock breaker in Washington D.C.

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