"Funshine 2005" Continues Without A Hitch

A party at a Tyler park that raised safety concerns with the Tyler Police Department and residents, went without incident Saturday.
"Funshine 2005" was put on by local DJ's to promote their music in the community.
The free event drew more than 100 young people and families. Organizers predicted a crowd of about 500 people.
When KLTV talked to Tyler Police and neighbors earlier this week, they were concerned because Noble E. Young Park is a small area that sits behind homes.
However, organizers said they had planned well and everything was under control.
"This is proof right here that electronic music can be safe, and fun and great," said one of the organizers, Jason Bone. "We've had no problems. Nobody's on drugs, nothing's wrong with anything. Just happy peaceful people sitting in a field and having a good time."
Funshine 2005 ends at 8 p.m. Tyler parks and recreation asked organizers to end the event when parks usually close, out of safety concerns.
The organizers said they hope to have more events like this in the area.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com