"United We Serve" Brings Smiles To East Texas Children

Some Tyler college students received nothing but A's Saturday from their young teachers in "Carnival 101."

The United to Serve Children's Carnival was put on by student organizations at UT Tyler Saturday. The free carnival was set up for kids 3 to 5 but all ages joined in on the fun.

From dart throwing, noodle necklaces, ring tosses and fun slides, the kids were all smiles.

UT Tyler students said when it came to the fun, they were just big kids themselves. "We're just really happy," said UT Tyler Student Government Association President Ryan Palmquist.

"To just see them go down the slides, to see them in the booths, things of that nature, it's just really fun. Their having a lot of fun."

Seventeen student organizations of UT Tyler were part of the carnival. It was created as part of the UT system's "United We Serve" program. It encourages college students to participate in community outreach activities.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com