Better East Texas: Celebs on the campaign trail

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - With political convention season in full swing, we have the opportunity to hear from some great speakers on both sides of the aisle.

Some of them will try to influence voters to vote republican or democrat. Most of the speakers do pretty well but some excel in delivering a seemingly passionate personal plea to vote for their candidate. Those speakers are usually celebrities.

The political conventions and the political season itself will be peppered with celebrity speeches and photo ops and endorsements of the candidates by celebrities. But are stars really who we want lending their voice to the candidates as political authorities?

No doubt, the celebrities are anxious many times to jump on the campaign bandwagon but do we really look at them as authorities on political topics or are we drawn to them because they are pretty? Are we equating acting or singing talent with true awareness of political issues?

Now, Ronald Reagan was a marginal actor turned great president but he was an exception to the rule. Celebrity endorsements are great for skin care products, or wardrobe choices or shampoo but that is where it should stop. The power of an individual's vote should be taken seriously and not left up to a slick endorser who probably only knows a small portion about what they are talking about.

They are hired guns and they can do damage to our country by using good looks and slick packaging to influence people instead of people using their own reasoning ability to determine their vote. Please vote and, when you do, make it your own.

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