Better East Texas: Kumbaya politics at the GOP convention

Better East Texas: Kumbaya politics at the GOP convention

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Donald Trump is now officially the nominee for the Republican Party.

As you recall, there was a lot of uncertainty on who the speakers were going to be at the convention. Eventually, Trump lined up family, a few friends and some of his former rivals to deliver high energy talks through the convention.

The first two groups – family and friends – were no surprise, but when Dr. Ben Carson and senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz agreed to speak, you had to pause and ask a few questions. First of all, just go back to the debates and the earlier campaign of the Republicans. Trump suggested Carson had a pathological disease, he called Rubio a clown and Cruz a liar.

For these individuals now to come to his side begs the question of who is supposed to have the shortest memory? Should Carson, Rubio, Cruz and others just forget about the names and accusations thrown at them by Trump? Should Trump move on from the personal attacks on him in the name of unification? Or, more than anything, should voters just overlook the personal nature of the early campaign and accept that the name calling was all just part of a healthy debate?

Ultimately, why even pretend to have these kumbaya moments? The answer for that is easy – each of these former rivals are playing for a role in a Trump Administration or are looking towards 2020 to become the nominee. I suppose it is OK for them to speak but it is difficult to get beyond history to try to rebuild these relationships.

Time will tell but it is obvious self-interest has trumped integrity.

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