Organ Donation

"People say you've been doing this all your life? I say not yet," says Jesse Thompson who loves to fly. But for the last 16 months he's been stuck on the ground.

Jesse suffers from kidney failure. He must go to dialysis three days a week to stay alive.

"It's just like having another job, except you don't get paid for it. So it changes your life. It changes it a lot. But hey I give three days of life for four. Good trade," says Thompson.

But its a trade that's kept him from living the life he loves.

"I know needing a kidney turned my life completely over. If I were to get a kidney, back in the airplanes doing what I want to do," he says.

Getting a kidney isn't simple though, he needs a donor.

Jack Bush needs a donor too. His lungs don't work right. He suffers from COPD. He can take oxygen in but can't get the carbon dioxide out. His breathing is so poor, he can hardly catch his breath to speak to me, or do anything active.

"I don't want to just have to sit, I've got grandchildren."

Jack and Jesse know donations aren't easy to think about. For them to live someone must die, but they feel it is a gift worth giving.

"Wouldn't you rather have part of you living than none and to think how happy you would make somebody. There is no greater gift that ou can give," says Jesse.