"Funshine 2005" Raising Safety Concerns With Neighbors And Police

It's a free party in Tyler, offering up music and other entertainment. But, residents said it will only offer safety hazards in their neighborhood.

"Funshine 2005" will be held Saturday afternoon at Noble E. Young Park. It's located in a neighborhood off Highway 155 in southwest Tyler.

Organizers predict it could draw a crowd of 500. The big crowd has residents and local law officials concerned about public safety.

"I'm surprised our party has caused such an uproar," said Jason Bone with New Breed Productions.

Their plan was to bring Tyler entertainment and fun while promoting their music through a party. But now this group of DJ's idea is stirring up some commotion.

"It's a free legal event and we just want to have kids out there to just kind of dance and have a good time," Jason said.

The group obtained a permit for "Funshine 2005" from the city of Tyler.

However, concern was sparked when local law officials got wind of the event through a "rave" website. Something often associated with drugs and violence.

"This is not a rave in the least bit," Jason said. "It's not about drugs, alcohol or violence, its not what we represent at all."

Still, police and residents are worried about safety threats.

"Basically the concern would be the volume and number of people that would be coming in vehicles as well," said Officer Don Martin of the Tyler Police Department.

Part of the concern is that Noble E. Young Park is not very big. With at least 500 people expected to show up, there are worries the crowd would spill over and more importantly, with such small space and limited parking, where exactly all those people would park.

"That is awfully disturbing," said Pamela who lives near the park. Neighbors did not even know the party was happening. When they received the news, worry set in immediately.

"To know that we have to listen to banging and loud crashing music continuously," Pamela said, "There's no escape. Sometimes we can get trapped in our own neighborhood, can't even get out."

Neighbors said they've had nothing but negative experiences with parties at Noble E. Young Park in the past.

"Yards have been destroyed, we've had the traffic 60 miles an hour down here," said Gwendolyn who also lives close to the park.

Organizers said security will be on hand, there will be parking directors and the music should not carry beyond the park.

Despite the precautions, neighbors said they are still planning for the worst.

The party was set to end at 10 p.m. But, it has been cut short a few hours. The Director of Parks and Recreation for the city of Tyler told organizers because of safety concerns and the growing threat of misbehavior at night, the event will end at 8 p.m.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com