Better East Texas: A solution to America's problem with race relations

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The tragedy in Dallas with the sniper attack on Dallas police hits home with everyone in Texas.

Once again, we have lost a measure of innocence as, no doubt, we will all look around – up and down – and elsewhere when we approach crowded areas.  Acts such as this impact every family and every law enforcement officer – and they affect our emotions when we need to gather as communities. So the terrorists win again, a little, and we are faced with the raw wound of race relations and relations with civil authorities.

And we are all torn – there are certainly some law enforcement that have acted improperly and there are citizens that bear responsibility as well in the way they deal with law enforcement but the majority on all sides are professionals and law abiding.

It is the A's and Z's that threaten to crack the entire system. Yes, we need dialogue and as a society, we need to put as much effort and social media time into posting solutions to our societal problems and not just complaints or rants. We have to offer solutions and solutions that involve action.

Based on app downloads, the Pokemon Go app has caused more people to move – physically move – than all the protest marches and town hall meetings combined. We – all of us – need to make a commitment to act to find a solution before the next shooter acts or cell phone recording is made.

Finally, this problem did not happen overnight – nor will a solution happen immediately. We must have a plan and patience that will yield true harmony.

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