Better East Texas: The problem with waiving college tuition

Better East Texas: The problem with waiving college tuition

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - As the candidates hone their platforms and ready for the conventions, finally we are getting some specifics on their plans on various policy fronts.

And, with the endorsement of Hillary Clinton by Bernie Sanders, it is obvious that Sanders' influence on the Clinton platform is taking shape. The evidence of this is that Clinton is now proposing free college for students with a family income of less than $125,000. You will remember that Sanders had free college as a cornerstone of his platform and you may also remember that Clinton attacked Sanders' free college plan during the primaries, so it is obvious that Clinton is "feeling the Bern" in an effort to unite the party.

The problem is that the question still remains – how do you pay for free college tuition for millions? The response from the candidate is that there will be higher taxes on higher income families but a side symptom of this move is that college tuition may be free for many but other expenses like room and board and living expenses will go up because of higher demand. That will put pressure on middle-income families trying to take advantage of this and it will become cost prohibitive.

This proposal by Clinton also just kicks the can down the road by essentially guaranteeing that millennials – the likely users of the tuition-free program – will be faced with higher taxes over their lifetime – thus creating a tax disguised as an entitlement program. Candidates need to learn that you just can't give away services to buy votes.

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