One Restaurant Has Kitchen Problems, Many Others Have Perfect Score

Sadler's Kitchen and Catering at 221 South Main in Jacksonville was inspected April 19th.

Cooks were eating in the kitchen against health department regulations.  Also, a vent hood needed cleaning, and drink nozzles were dirty.  Ice scoops were "open to dust," as the inspector noted, and he saw kitchen grease having been poured out on the ground behind the restaurant.

Total demerits: 19.  A recheck has been ordered, but is not yet on file.

Restaurants with a perfect score in Cherokee County include...

Stacy's BBQ at 1217 S. Jackson St. in Jacksonville.

Lupe's Mexican Food at 517 E. Rusk St. in Jacksonville.

Stamps at 402 E. Rusk St. in Jacksonville.

Taco Bell at 1207 N. Dickinson in Rusk.

Whataburger at 1203 N. Dickinson in Rusk.

Sonic at 1505 N. Dickinson in Rusk.

and Tienda La Juanita at 330 N. Bolton in Jacksonville.

In the City of Henderson, the restaurants with a perfect score include...

Cotton Patch Cafe at 420 Highway 79 South.

Pizza Hut at 430 Highway 79 South.

La Flo De Galeana at 306 Kilgore Dr.

Donut Palace at 700 Highway 79 South.

Subway at 203 Highway 79 North.

Smokehouse Restaurant at 207 Highway 79 North.

Taste Of East Texas at 105 E. Main

Memories at 127 E. Main

Blessings Deli at 110 E. Main

and Herschel's Family Restaurant at 1607 Highway 79 South.

Inspection reports provided as public record by the City of Henderson Health Department and the Cherokee County Health Department.