City Test Drives Clean Car

They're going for a test drive.

One of the world's cleanest cars is now in Tyler. The Honda Civic GX is on loan from the Honda Motor Company to the city for a month.

The city is testing it out in different departments, as part of its effort to reduce pollution in East Texas. The car runs on natural gas, and consumers can fill up at home using a machine called a Fuelmaker.

The sedan costs $22,250.

"The idea is to see where it would fit in the city of Tyler fleet to give us our great gas mileage, which is 30 miles to the gallon at a very low cost, 'cause natural gas costs half of what gasoline costs," Norman Schenck, general manager of Tyler Transit, said. "So instead of $2 a gallon, we're paying under a $1 a gallon for that."

The only downside is that the tank only holds eight gallons, and an empty tank takes eight hours to fill up. However, another plus is, you only have to get an oil change every 10,000 miles.

The city of Longview is scheduled to borrow the car next month.

Julie Tam, reporting.