Better East Texas: Trump's outsider stance failing to win support inside party

Better East Texas: Trump's outsider stance failing to win support inside party

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Both the Republican and Democratic national conventions take place later this month and what strange events these are lining up to be.

First up, is the Republican Convention starting on July 18. In recent weeks, Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee has come up empty in his effort to try to lure top Republicans to speak at the convention in Cleveland. He has been reduced to promising athletes and business leaders and having a winner's night behind the podium.

This may be right in-line with Trump's plan on being a Washington outsider. The problem is that he truly is an outsider in a process that needs some insider help. He just can't escape that need. He may choose to ignore it and insult his way around it, but he needs some Republican heavy-hitters, not reality stars and athletes.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton seems to be out from under the possibility of being indicted on charges relating to her email server scandal. This is a cue for Bernie Sanders to step down. He will still have a role at the Democratic convention and he will have a seat in developing the platform but he needs to get out of the way, if for no other reason than the fact that his Secret Service detail is costing American taxpayers dearly every day Sanders is still a declared candidate.

Both of these main candidates need to clean up their houses before their respective conventions and only then can we see the deserving political process take shape as opposed to the circus that currently exists.

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