Mack Says Bringing In New Business Will Be His Focus As Mayor

Seven candidates are vying for the position of the leader of Longview. Early voting for mayor began today.

Dr. Andy Mack grew up in Longview. He's an oral surgeon who owns his own business. He's used his experience in this community on the city council for more than 7 years. Now he wants to be mayor. "I have spent my life in this community. I've invested my business in this community. I've raised my family in this community and I was raised in this community. I feel like I know what the citizens of Longview need," says Mack.

At the end of last year, council meetings were plagued by fighting among members. In the midst of that, mayor Murray Moore resigned. While Dr. Mack says restoring the dignity of the council is important, it's probably not a problem he'll have to deal with. "In reality if you look at the council meetings now that Daryl Williams has stepped up in the mayor's position that decorum has been restored. The council meetings are business again. We take care of what we're there for and we move on."

The biggest issue Dr. Mack wants to focus on is bringing more business to Longview. "We've made it very, very difficult and ineffective from a cost to develop in Longview. That's put us at a competitive disadvantage. We have to change that. I will personally get in there with the city manager and our elected council and make this our number one issue."

We will solve this development problem this year. That's a tall order to fill because the remainder of this term is only a year. But Dr. Mack says he's ready for the challenge. Dr. Mack says he has a plan to actually decrease taxes in Longview by increasing development and tourism. He says that will bring in millions of dollars, easing the burden on residents.

Early voting will continue on weekdays until May 3rd at Longview city hall from 10 AM until 2 PM. You can also vote early Saturday April 30th. The regular city wide election is May 7th.

Amy Tatum, reporting.