Barbara Marquess felt she was living in the dark. Cloudy vision was making life on her ranch a pain.

"My vision was getting blurred and my glasses were really bothering me. I thought I needed my glasses changed, but I didn't. That wasn't the problem," she said.

Barbara had cataracts in both eyes.

"A cataract is when the normal lens in the eye, which is clear, starts to get cloudy. Everyone gets one if they live long enough," says Dr. Charles Heaton of Heaton Eye Associates. Dr Heaton said he could fix Barbara's cataracts, and could also do much more. He could restore her vision thanks to a new device called Crystalens.

'Crystalens is a revolutionary new lens implant that allows people to see people better up close and from a distance," say Dr. Heaton.

When Dr. Heaton takes out the cataract in Barbara's eye, he replaces the old lens in her eye with a Crystalens. It restores her vision so she'll never need glasses again. Now that Barbara's cataracts are gone, and her Crystalens is in, her vision is much better.

"Things were a lot brighter, clearer."

Now she can toss her glasses aside and see life in a bright, new way.