Better East Texas: The effect of Brexit in America

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Hardly two weeks ago, the vote in Great Britain was taking place on whether to stay or leave the European Union.

Now, with the votes counted, the fallout continues. While it seems a million miles away for most of us, this vote by Great Britain is significant and impacting.

First of all, we see the economic impact. Stocks markets reacted which in turn affected many 401K retirement accounts. There will be additional bumpy financial days ahead as the Brexit takes shape. Next, and even more unnerving, is the backlash against immigration in Great Britain. For many, it appears this vote was a vote to stop the unbridled immigration that exists between countries in the EU.

The Brits felt, by a slim margin, that their country would be safer with an immigration policy that was uniquely their own. Well this mindset has already caused a spike in immigrant intolerance across Great Britain. Add to that the vagueness of the European Union rules on how a member country exits and this will be a simmering pot for the near future.

Of course, our presidential candidates could not help but express their opinions on the matter as well. Hillary Clinton looks at this, primarily, as an economic decision while Donald Trump sees the vote as a twin sister to the immigration constraints he is promoting and ultimately focusing on national security. Either way, the Brits have voted for a revolution on several fronts and it should send a message to our elected officials that America may not be far behind.

Perhaps that message will resonate with them and make for a Better East Texas.

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