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"Does It Work"-4/19/05

Cucina Perfecta Flip Pan: "Does It Work?"

Want to cook like the pros? We may have just the thing. We found something called the Cucina Perfecta Over Easy Flip Pan. And if you long to impress in the kitchen, this may do the trick. But first, it has to pass the "Does It Work?" test.

It's the patented design that "flips food perfectly every time." It's basically a pan with a backstop on the end opposite of the handle.

Like so many things in this genre of "as seen on TV" products, you get a "free" 8 inch pan to go along the 10 inch pan you paid for. We start with the bigger one.

The flip pan has a non-stick coating, but we're going to stir-fry, so we add a little oil for flavor as much as anything. And in go the mixed vegetables. The goal is to cook this stuff up, without using any utensils.

We allow it to heat for a minute or two and start flipping. Our first attempt was not so good. We lost a few vegetables in the process. But soon we got pretty smooth with it. Toss the pan forward, watch the vegetables hit the curved backstop at the front of the pan and then they flip backwards. We can tell the construction is good and we're pleased so far.

Different story though with the smaller "free" pan. The metal is much thinner. It does not have a reinforced bottom and the non-stick coating is not as good. We tried the same thing with the smaller pan and before we could get the food in, it was spinning like a top on the stovetop. The smaller pan had warped! The fried egg we cooked with oil, stuck the bottom of the pan, so we didn't even get the chance to test its flipping ability.

We tried the egg in the large pan and it cooked and flipped fine.

"Does It Work?" The large pan gets a "yes." But the smaller "free" pan gets a "no." Anyway you flip it, that's a "maybe."

We found the Cucina Perfecta Over Easy Flip Pan on sale for $16.99 at Walgreens. It regularly sells for $19.99.

Joe Terrell, Reporting.


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