Bishop Corrada Met New Pope In 1988

Here in East Texas, Bishop Alvaro Corrada of the Catholic Diocese of Tyler says he wasn't surprised at the election result and is quite pleased with the cardinals' choice.

Corrada had met Pope Benedict XVI in 1988, when he was still Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Bishop Corrada says the new pope is a humble man, who will continue the work of the late Pope John Paul II, helping to unify the church and bring peace to the world.

"He is a very gentle, listening person," Corrada, a Puerto Rican who grew up in New York, said. "He would sit there and listen very carefully to what people were saying, even when there were things that were dissenting with what he thought. But he would never contradict that person. He always built up on what that person said and bring them up to fullness of sense."

Bishop Corrada says Pope Benedict XVI will likely follow Biblical doctrine very closely and be systematic in his approach.

Julie Tam, reporting.