Better East Texas: The Congressional divide

Better East Texas: The Congressional divide

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The divide in Congress has once again shown its depth as four different bills related to gun control were defeated in the Senate.

Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, introduced a bill along with bills from another republican and two democrats. Guess what? All 4 bills were defeated in a vote by the Senate.

A review of the headlines of each bill show that all dealt with some amount of legal expansion in the area of regulating background checks and gun sales. One bill dealt with an expanded waiting period if would-be purchasers are on a watch list, another dealt with identifying gun customers mental health risks and yet another put additional regulation on internet and gun show sales.

The votes were all defeated largely along party lines and each party emerged from the vote blaming each other for the failures. But the failure blame is on members and leaders of both parties. The authors of these votes had a very good idea that the legislation would fail and yet they moved forward with the vote.

So the spin managers in each camp can say they tried and are blaming the other party. It is very predictable. So while there were calls from just about everyone for some revision in current laws, there was no movement and only deeper divide. So the goal for "no fly, no buy" will only echo through the halls of congress until the next violent act.

Congress must find a way to compromise and get something passed before more lives are lost and only then will it make for a Better East Texas.

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