Better East Texas: Time for candidates to buckle down, raise funds

Better East Texas: Time for candidates to buckle down, raise funds

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Donald Trump campaign seems to be spiraling down into chaos while the Hillary Clinton campaign is on autopilot and effectively fending off attacks.

Now there may be some wild card, like an email bombshell for Clinton, but recent events in the Trump camp suggest that the organization, fundraising effectiveness, Republican leader support and other key points are lagging.

Trump recently fired his campaign manager as it is past time to have a solid organization in place. This is the period of time that campaigns must appear and truly be their strongest so that fundraising can progress because, like it or not, politics on the national level are big business. Trump won't have to sell out to big donors and has made that point repeatedly on how he feels Clinton has done just that, but he does need to fundraise.

Even Bernie Sanders has raised millions of dollars through a grass roots appeal campaign. Ultimately Trump must, at some point, rally Republicans around him. He has made little progress on this front and endorsements have been slow to come in as well resulting in his parade being in slow-growth or even no-growth mode.

Clinton has the money and the machine but has a near identical unfavorable rating as Trump, but her dance with donors and Democrats may just lead to the White House, with some democratic voters holding their noses at the ballot box. With either candidate, there is still much work and damage control ahead and the one who navigates those areas best will most likely be elected.

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