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Traylor is back

When Jeff Traylor left Gilmer to be an assistant coach at the University of Texas, he took a risk some sports fans didn't understand.  He was a legendary high school head coach, after all.  Now, with his success at UT as one of the country's most successful recruiters, it's looking like a brilliant move.  He was back in town today.  Hear him talk about his new adventures in a new sports report at 10.

Kim Leoffler has a new report on how Kilgore police are responding to the recent, violent crashes that have take place along the stretch of I-20 that runs through the place they call home.  She takes you on the road with them tonight at 10.

Meteorologist Sarah Fletcher has a new forecast for you.  Watch and be ready for whatever the weather where you live has in story for you.  She'll fill you in at 10.

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