Better East Texas: State of Texas tackles child support backlog

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - If you have a car or truck, you have probably been through the Texas Two-Step registration renewal.

It is a new system and can be confusing but it should yield a smoother, more accountable system of registering your vehicle. The Texas Attorney General has an additional feature tied to the renewal system. If you owe child support and you are 6 months or more behind in payments, you will not be allowed to renew your vehicle registration.

The new condition will begin with registrations due in December of this year. There are already multiple tactics used by the AG's office that can restrict and revoke several driver provisions so this is another step in Texas' efforts to collect past due child support. By the way, Texas leads the nation in the amount of child support collected for the past nine years, so something is working.

Critics of the plan to tie auto registration to child support payments say that taking the tool of a car away from someone is taking away their ability to commute to a job to pay the child support but that argument has limited weight. The state will send notices and reminders to those affected by the new law but, ultimately, this will have an additional impact on this issue.

The child support system is challenging a lot of parents but the well-being of their children must take priority. This new provision by the state will help many of those in need.

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