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Better East Texas: Stopping terrorism requires joint effort of public, politicians, police


It appears that the wife of the Orlando mass shooter knew something of his plans to attack.

This is the latest example of someone close to a mass murderer that knew something was up and did not take action. No doubt, that would be a huge burden to carry and, no doubt, she and others in this situation second-guessed everything, but doing nothing is just not an option.

We hear of stories of these mass attackers even having run-ins with law enforcement and being on watch lists. What good is a watch list if an attacker still acts and carries out their plan? Our law enforcement seems to have the ability to identify suspects, but we are also letting some slip through cracks and one slipping through is too many.

Acquaintances of people with these mindsets need to act as well. It may be uncomfortable, even threatening, but doing nothing is not an option. Additionally, President Barack Obama and the two candidates for his job all had opinions on a solution. The plans involved destroying ISIS, building a wall and more gun laws but the true solution is a matter of the heart.

Until we stop or change the heart of those that wish us destruction, we will face the terrorist monster and that monster will grow beyond reality by creating paranoia. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and hope that it will go away. We are better than that as a people and as a country, as a civilization and the current course must change or the terrorists will win.

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