7 On Your Side: "Where Is My Mobile Home?"

Kimberly Ricketts from Edgewood wanted to settle down on 6 acres of land with her teenage son. So she purchased a manufactured home. "She didn't just rip me off. She ripped my son off you know! That would have been our home!" says Kimberly.

Who she's talking about is Brenda Honeycutt with Cross Country Transport out of Edgewood. According to this document both Kimberly and Brenda signed a "Contract of Sale" in February of 2004.

Kimberly put $1,500 down. Weeks later a mobile home didn't arrive, instead it was a strange series of requests. "March 14th," says Kimberly looking at her receipts, "Brenda Honeycutt called my house and said they were at the boats and they wanted to know if I could send them $400 so they could get back home." She adds, "April 6th, [Brenda's husband] asked for $190 because his daughter would need to be bailed out of jail." Each time Kimberly paid money she said she was told it would go towards the payment of the trailer and the requests kept coming. "And then an employee that worked for them owed me money so instead of paying the employee she made up a contract for $500 to go toward the payment of the trailer.

May 20th, Brenda came by my house at 10:35 and asked for $100 because their truck broke down. I gave her $100 May 25th to go get pads so they could deliver the trailer that evening. Never saw the pads, never saw her, never saw the trailer, nothing!" exclaims Kimberly.

14 months and $3,100 dollars later Kimberly called "7 On Your Side" We contacted the Department of Transportation and found out Cross Country Transport out of Edgewood never had a license to sell manufactured homes. The D.O.T. says the company only had a license to install mobile homes and that was suspended last November. "I would tell her I don't want the trailer I want my money. It's been over a year ago. You wouldn't deliver the trailer then, I don't want it now."

Kimberly says she is not the only victim out there and hopes that sharing her story will be a greater reward, if it helps someone else.

Helpful hints:

*Make sure a company is licensed to sell manufactured homes before buying one from them. It should be displayed in their place of business or call the Texas Department of Transportation to find out.

*Useful resources:

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs: www.tdhca.state.tx.us

Texas Department of Transportation: www.dot.state.tx.us

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com