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Construction projects for week of June 20

Released by The Texas Department of Transportation:

TYLER – Here's a look at work planned in the district during the Week of June 20, 2016. These schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions, equipment failure or other unforeseen issues.

In Anderson County, County Road 1231 at Stills Creek closes Monday for the start of a bridge replacement project. The closure will remain in place for at least two months as the new bridge is built. Motorists will have to use alternate routes to reach their destinations.

In Athens, FM 1616 will remain closed for another week due to unforeseen issues that arose during emergency repairs. The road is closed from 0.8 mile north of Loop 7 to 1.9 miles south of FM 2752 for the repairs necessitated by recent storms. It is expected to open at the end of the week. Until then, motorists must use alternate routes. Additionally, FM 1616 is being widened with the project scheduled for completion this summer.

ANDERSON COUNTY – Palestine Maintenance and the Special Jobs Crew continue work to prepare roads for summer seal coat operations including FM 319 between SH 294 and the End of State Maintenance in Elkhart; FM 3309/Link Street between Loop 256 and FM 315; FM 321 in Montalba between SH 19 and FM 315; FM 837 at Brushy Creek between SH 155 and FM 315. Expect lane closures during this moving operation with flaggers and a pilot car providing traffic control.

Anderson County construction projects updates:

US 79 New Lane Construction Project

•       Limits: 1.6 miles southwest of Loop 256 in Palestine south to the Trinity River

•       Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview.

•       Cost: $42.7 million

With the new northbound and southbound lanes open to traffic from Tile Factory Road to County Road 2205 (CR 2205), work now centers on the area from CR 2205 to just south of FM 645. The contractor is working on detours in the area of FM 645 at Tucker.

This project expands a 5.3 mile section of US 79 from two lanes to a four-lane divided roadway with a depressed median. Work started in November 2012 with completion expected at the end of this year.

SH 19 Widening

  • Limits: 3.6 miles north of FM 837 (Henderson Co. line) south to .4 mile north of FM 321 at Montalba

•       Contractor: Big Creek Construction of Hewitt

•       Cost: $12.5 million

No construction work is planned this week but utility work is being conducted along the right of way. This roadway is being widened. 

Off-System Bridge Replacement Project

  • Limits: County Road (CR) 471 at Box Creek; CR 4801 at Indian Creek; CR 1231 at Stills Creek
  • Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview
  • Cost: $817,412.15

The contractor closes County Road 1231 at Stills Creek to traffic this week to begin bridge replacement work. Detours are in place. The new bridges at Box Creek and Indian Creek are open to traffic with the contractor continuing close out activities.                                             

CHEROKEE COUNTY – Jacksonville crews continue pavement texturing work on FM 747 going south from US 79 for three miles. Rusk Maintenance is scheduled to perform base repairs on US 84 east of US 69, and on SH 21W at the Houston County line. Expect lane closures with flaggers providing traffic control. 

Cherokee County construction projects updates:

US 69 Widening and Resurfacing

  • Limits: From Loop 456 in Jacksonville going south to just north of Loop 62 in Rusk
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $11 million

The contractor will continue placing the porous friction course (PFC) surface on this project to widen US 69 by adding 2’ edge treatment and resurface the road. Expect lane closures. Completion expected later this summer.

US 69 Widening and Resurfacing

  • Limits: From 0.028 mile south of FM 343 in Rusk southward to just north of SH 21 in Alto
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $9.3 million

More drainage work planned for this project to widen and resurface US 69. Expect lane closures. Completion anticipated in fall 2016.

US 69 Widening and Resurfacing

  • Limits: From .37 miles north of FM 344 to .02 miles north of FM 347
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $5.6 million

The contractor will continue placing seal coat as US 69 is widened and resurfaced. It is expected to be completed later this summer.

US 79 Repairs and Resurfacing Project

  • Limits: From SH 204 to Mud Creek
  • Contractor: Reynolds & Kay
  • Cost: $5.7 million

Barricades will be set the week of June 20th in preparation for the project to repair and resurface this portion of US 79. Construction is scheduled to start on Monday, June 28th. Completion is expected in summer 2017.

FM 22 and FM 23 Widening Project

  • Limits: From US 69 south of Jacksonville going SW to 1.5 miles west of FM 768 (Gallatin area); FM 23 from FM 343 to FM 1857
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $8.5 million

The contractor continues drainage work and widening activities on FM 23. Expect lane closures. Additionally, on June 13, traffic will be detoured to FM 1857 while improvements are made to the One-Eye Creek Bridge. That work is expected to take about a week to complete. No work is planned on FM 22.

These are safety projects designed to widen the roadways from 20’ to 24’ along a 4.2-mile section. The anticipated completion is in summer 2017.

GREGG COUNTY – Longview Maintenance plans to conduct base repairs on Spur 502/Judson Road between H.G. Mosley and Loop 281 that requires closures. Base repair work also resumes on SH 149 in the Lakeport area working between FM 349 and the Rusk County line. Expect lane closures with flaggers providing traffic control.

Gregg County construction projects updates:

FM 2275 George Richey Extension (Segment I)

  • Limits: McCann Road west to SH 300 (Gilmer Road)
  • Contractor: East Texas Bridge, Inc.
  • Cost: $12.4 million

McCann Road is closed for about four months as the contractor builds tie-ins to the new intersection. The closure runs from just north of Graystone Road to about 200 feet north of the new road. No through traffic is allowed at this location but northbound and southbound traffic does have access on McCann Road north of the intersection. Residents can travel southward from FM 1844 to the new George Richey Road but cannot cross. Motorists are encouraged to take alternate routes to avoid delays. Meanwhile, the contractor will be hauling embankment as utility relocation and clearing of right of way activities continue on this new roadway construction to connect Gilmer and McCann roads.

This Segment I project includes constructing two bridges and a four-lane roadway with center left turn lanes from McCann Road to SH 300/Gilmer Road. Excavation, embankment, bridge construction, subgrade treatment, storm drains, hot mix asphalt, curb and gutter and sidewalk are all part of the new construction. Completion is anticipated to occur in October 2017.

FM 2275 George Richey Extension (Segments II & III)

•       Limits: McCann Road to US 259

•       Contractor: East Texas Bridge, Inc.

•       Cost: $12.8 million

The outside southbound lane of Judson Road remains closed as the contractor makes tie-ins to the new FM 2275. Paving operations continue along with construction of curb and gutter, and sidewalk, between US 259 and McCann Road. This project is constructing a new roadway from McCann Road to US 259. Between Judson and US 259, construction continues with excavation, embankment, subgrade treatment and storm drain work. This is a new location job requiring motorists to use other routes to get around Airline Road which remains closed through July 2016.

The FM 2275/George Richey Extension projects will allow better access for the new business park to the north/south routes of SH 300 and US 259. Project completion is anticipated in August 2016.

FM 449

  • Limits: US 259 to FM 2751
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC

No work is scheduled on this project where the contractor is widening the road two feet on each side and applying an overlay.

Loop 281 at FM 2087 Overpass

•       Limits: SH 31 to approximately one mile south of SH 31

•       Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview.

•       Cost: $13.2 million

This project is building a new overpass over the railroad crossing. The contractor continues construction on the concrete paving at the south end of the bridge and at the new SH 31 intersection. Expect delays during the peak evening hours. This project is slated for completion in September 2016.

Landscaping Projects (Notice of Completion)

  • Limits: Intersection of SH 31 at SH 42
  • Limits: Intersections of I-20 at Estes Parkway; and I-20 at Eastman Road
  • Contractor: South Texas Illuminations, LLC
  • Cost: $400,000.00

The contractor is working on various maintenance activities on this landscaping project designed to enhance several intersections throughout Gregg and Rusk counties. Crews are working at the intersections of SH 42 and SH 31, and I-20, Estes Parkway and Eastman Road. The majority of work occurs outside the travel lane in the median and should have little impact on traffic.

HENDERSON COUNTY – Athens Maintenance, along with the Special Jobs Crew, will be conducting moving mill and inlay operations starting on the outside lane of Business 31 (BU) between Wood Street and Mary Beth Lane. Work then moves to the outside lane of BU 31/US 175 between Pinkerton and Prairieville streets on Athens’ west side. Additionally, work is also planned for BU 19 from the Downtown Square going north to Loop 7, and BU 31 from US 175 westward to Loop 7. Expect lane closures at each location with flaggers providing traffic control.

Henderson County construction projects updates:

FM 317 Repair Project

  • Limits: .At Athens Fish and Game Lake Dam
  • Contractor: Fritcher Construction
  • Cost: $446,216.00

Work to repair this Athens/Henderson County roadway started in May and continues on schedule. The road closed in March 2015 due to a flood-related washout about three miles east of SH 31. Repairs should take about three months to complete, weather permitting. The plans for the permanent repairs have been coordinated with the Corp of Engineers and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

SH 31 Repair Project (Notice of Completion)

  • Limits: .09 miles west of FM 317 eastward to .34 miles west of FM 773
  • Contractor: Big Creek Construction, Ltd., of Hewitt
  • Cost: $3.6 million

The contractor continues to address seeding and vegetation on this project that consists of milling the existing surface and placing a new overlay on the roadway. Work should be completed soon.

US 175 Widening Project (Phase I)

  • Limits: 0.1 miles southeast of FM 804 near Baxter southeast to 1.1 miles east of Loop 60E at Larue
  • Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp, Inc. and Big Creek Construction
  • Cost: $39.2 million

The eastern portion of Loop 60 is closed through July for construction of the new westbound mainlanes on this project that expands US 175 from two lanes to a four-lane divided with a depressed median. Drivers should expect one lane carrying two-way traffic throughout the project limits as well as occasional day time lane closures. Drivers on adjacent county roads and FM 804 should anticipate a change in traffic flow due to the detour now requiring two-way traffic on US 175. Dirt and drainage work around Loop 60E in Larue to near Baxter is ongoing. The speed limit in the construction zone has been set at 55 mph so slow down because traffic fines double when workers are present. Phase I construction started April 6, 2015 and has an anticipated completion date in November 2018.

US 175 Widening Project (Phase II)

  • Limits: 1.1 miles east of Loop 60B to 0.85 mile east of FM 315
  • Contractor: Sundt Construction, Inc.of San Antonio
  • Cost: $37.8 million

The contractor continues dirt work around FM 315 south of Poynor as well as drainage work throughout the project.As part of the new highway construction, a short stretch of CR 4401 has been permanently closed from the intersection of US 175’s new eastbound lanes to the new right of way. The rest of CR 4401 will remain open and can be accessed from CR 4345/Camp Road.

This Phase II project will expand US 175 from two lanes to a four-lane divided with a depressed median. Drivers should anticipate two-way traffic throughout the project limits which stretch 4.7 miles ending just east of FM 315 in Poynor. The speed limit has been set at 55 mph. A portion of this phase is being built on new location around the south side of Poynor. This like Phase I, is a mobility project to add capacity and improve safety, and includes adding one lane in each direction. It is a two-year project.

US 175 Widening Project (Phase III)

  • Limits: 0.85 miles east of FM 315 in Poynor, southeast to .5 miles NW of SH 155 at Frankston
  • Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp, Inc.
  • Cost: $27.6 million

This project to expand US 175 from two lanes to a four-lane divided highway with a depressed median is underway. The contractor on Monday plans to begin placing concrete traffic barriers from the Frankston city limits to Oak Ridge Street in preparation of shifting traffic to the new detour pavement between County Road (CR) 303 and Oak Ridge Street. Other ongoing work includes clearing right of way from CR 4236 to the Poynor city limits, and installing a drainage culvert west of CR 303. Expect daily lane closures.

FM 315/FM 1616 Widening Project

  • Limits: From FM 314S to CS End at County Road 4325, 4224, etc.
  • Contractor: Big Creek Construction, LTD, of Hewitt, Texas
  • Cost: $3.07 million

A portion of this road remains closed for weather-related emergency repairs through the end of the week. Meanwhile, the construction widening project is ongoing with work to extend the cross structures. Drivers should anticipate one-way traffic throughout the project limits with daily lane closures. FM 1616 is expected to be completed this summer. Final work is being performed on FM 315 which has an anticipated completion date of mid-summer.

SH 31 Bridge Painting Project – Westbound at Trinity River/Eastbound at Cedar Creek

  • Limits: From just east of Cedar Creek to just west of the Trinity River
  • Contractor: Olympus Painting Contractors Inc., of Clearwater, Florida
  • Cost: $2.3 million

Westbound traffic has been moved to the right turn lane until further notice. A polymer overlay on the bridge deck is being conducted as well as guardrail update on the westbound left turn side. Work under the Cedar Creek Bridge is also planned and expected to start soon. Project completion set for July.

FM 316 Widening Project

  • Limits: From FM 1256 south to FM 3080
  • Contractor: Big Creek Construction, Ltd., of Hewitt

The contractor continues work to backfill around structures and pavement edges on this widening project. Expect lane closures.

RUSK COUNTY – Henderson Maintenance resumes base repair work on FM 918 between US 259 and SH 42. Expect the roadway to be reduced to one lane carrying two-way traffic with flaggers.

Rusk County construction projects updates:

US 259 South Project 

  • Limits: Southbound lanes from 0.4 miles S of US 79 in Henderson south to 0.4 miles N of FM 1798
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $5.7 million

Hot mix asphalt overlay work is complete on the mainlanes of US 259 with permanent striping being applied to the roadway this week. Expect lanes closures and delays. This 10.13-mile project consists of base repairs, mill and inlay of asphalt surface, PFC overlay, and upgrading pavement markings.

US 79 South Project

  • Limits: From Loop 571 in Henderson going southwest for 3.0 miles to FM 839
  • Contractor: Drewery Construction Co., Inc.
  • Cost:  $6.7 million

The contractor continues widening operations on this portion of US 79. Expect lane closures and delays with one-way traffic control. Flaggers and a pilot car will guide traffic through the work zone. Work continues to place embankment on the widened edges. The posted speed limit has been reduced to 60 mph throughout this work zone and is being enforced by DPS. The project includes widening the existing pavement and adding a center left turn lane resulting in a new asphalt surface when the job is completed.

FM 3135

  • Limits: 1.9 miles NE of US 79 (W of CR 222) north to 1.7 miles SW of FM 1251 (CR 262)
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $2 million

No work is planned this week. The project consists of widening the pavement and installing milled centerline rumble strips on this three-mile section of roadway.

FM 95

  • Limits: FM 1798 to SH 315
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $2.5 million

No activity planned for this job that is widening a four-mile section of the road and adding shoulders.

Landscaping Projects (Notice of Completion)

  • Limits: SH 64 and US 79
  • Contractor: South Texas Illuminations, LLC
  • Cost: $400,000.00

Final closeout activities are being conducted on this landscaping project designed to enhance various locations in Rusk County (in conjunction with the contract in Gregg County.) Crews are working on SH 64 and Loop 571. The majority of the work is in the median and should have little impact on traffic. The traveling public should be cautious of construction vehicles entering and leaving the project sites.

FM 1798 Overlay Project

  • Limits: From US 259 to FM 225
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $1.8 million

This project consists of placing an asphalt overlay on the roadway. Expect lane closures with flaggers and a pilot car providing traffic control.

SMITH COUNTY – Tyler Maintenance plans to conduct spot surface repairs on Loop 323 between Troup Highway and Spur 248 through Wednesday. Motorists can expect lane closures between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily as this work is performed. Other crews will be performing ditch maintenance on roads around the county. Expect lane closures with flaggers providing traffic control. 

Smith County construction projects updates:

Loop 323 West Widening

•       Limits: Tylers West Loop and SH 31

•       Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview

•       Cost: $12 million

Continued caution advised through this work zone where all traffic has been moved to the new southbound lanes configured to carry two-way traffic. The contractor is now working to excavate the existing northbound lanes and build new ones. Work is also being conducted on the new bridge, and Bellwood Road West. Please slow down and pay attention as drivers get used to the new configuration at this location. Motorists are also reminded to AVOID making left turns from the loop within the project limits of this work zone. Alternate routes are encouraged to avoid delays. Expect lane closures and delays as the project progresses.

The project includes widening Loop 323 from SH 31 to Shaw Street. The speed limit on Loop 323 in the work zone has been reduced to 45 mph from SH 64 to Shaw Street. Completion is expected in winter 2016.

SH 31E Widening Project

•       Limits: From FM 757 to FM 2012

•       Contractor: Reynolds & Kay, LTD

•       Cost: $7.8 million

Work continues on the eastbound passing lanes. Crews are also placing driveway pipe on the westbound lanes. Expect lane closures on this project designed to add passing lanes for multiple sections of roadway in both the eastbound and westbound directions. Once the widening is complete, a seal coat and final surface will be applied. A daily construction speed limit of 60 mph is in place when work is being performed. The anticipated completion date is summer 2017. 

SH 64

•       Limits: from Chapel Hill to Arp

•       Contractor: Drewery Construction of Nacogdoches

•       Cost: $3.9 million

Drainage work continues on this project to add passing lanes between FM 2607 and Arp. Expect lane closures. Completion is anticipated in late this summer.

FM 1253 Widening Project

  • Limits: From County Road 462 south, 1.3 miles north of FM 857 south to FM 1805; FM 1804 from Wood County line to US 69; FM 2015 from CR 313 to FM 16
  • Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview
  • Cost: $7.5 million

Work continues with mailbox installations on FM 1253 and FM 1804. No lane closures planned. Drainage work continues on FM 2015. Expect lane closures. This contract consists of widening, sealing and resurfacing all three roadways. Completion is scheduled for fall 2016.

Spur 164 Bridge Project

  • Limits: From just south of the railroad tracks at Indian Creek in Tyler
  • Contractor: L.C. Jordan and Sons of Lufkin
  • Cost: $324,059.81

Work continues to replace the box culvert at this location. The roadway will remain closed to through traffic for about three months with an anticipated opening in late summer. Motorists must use alternate routes to reach their destinations for the duration of this project.                       

Spur 248 Widening Project

  • Limits: From 1.75 miles west of FM 848/Old Omen Road going east to SH 64 southeast of Tyler
  • Contractor: Lonestar Equipment Company, Inc.
  • Cost: $8.6 million

Culvert work, pavement repairs and level-up on shoulders continue in preparation of moving traffic. The contractor also resumes clearing right of way for the start of drainage work. The speed limit has been reduced to 55 mph during construction. Expect lane closures.

This project will widen Spur 248 from two lanes to a four-lane divided roadway with flush median. It is scheduled for completion in summer 2017.

County Road Bridge Replacement Projects

·       Limits: CR 4129 at Mud Creek near Lindale; CR 3104 at Prairie Creek north of FM 1252 near Winona; and CR 2138 at Blackhawk Creek south of Whitehouse

·       Contractor: Pierce Construction

·       Cost: $947,000

County Roads (CR) 3104 and CR 4129 are currently closed as work to build new bridges and approaches gets underway. The contractor is placing drill shafts on both CR 4129 and CR 3104 this week. Each road will be closed for about six months with the projects being completed in summer 2017.

US 271 Repairs and Resurfacing Project

  • Limits: From FM 2015 southward to Oakwood Street/Spur 147 in Tyler
  • Contractor: Reynolds & Kay
  • Cost: $4.3 million

This 4.5-mile project to repair and resurface this portion of US 271 is expected to start on June 28th. The anticipated completion is fall 2016.

I-20 Resurfacing Project

  • Limits: Eastbound lanes from FM 14 eastward to US 271
  • Contractor: Clark Construction
  • Cost: $2 million

This project to resurface a 4.8-mile stretch of I-20 is scheduled to begin in mid-June with completion expected in fall 2016.

VAN ZANDT COUNTY – Canton crews continue to address maintenance issues around the county including ditch work, patching potholes, mailbox requests, and other activities. Lane closures are possible during some of the work.

Van Zandt County construction projects updates:

SH 64 Widening Project

  • Limits: From FM 858 near Ben Wheeler to FM 314
  • Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp, Inc., of Buffalo
  • Cost: $7.4 million

This job is winding down with the contractor working on final activities. The newly added passing lanes are open to traffic and the project is expected to be completed soon. The project will improve safety and mobility for traffic on SH 64. 

SH 198 Widening Project

  • Limits: from SH 243 in Canton southwest to 0.4 miles northeast of FM 316 near Phalba
  • Contractor: Big Creek Construction, Ltd., of Waco
  • Cost: $5 million

Work to extend the cross structures as well as edge work resumes on the east side of the road on this widening project. Expect lane closures.

FM 314 Widening Project

•       Limits: from I-20 to the Van Zandt/Henderson County line

•       Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp, Inc., of Buffalo

•       Cost: $11.9 million

Expect lane closures as the contractor continues work to extend structures and install driveway pipe north of SH 64 and I-20. The contractor is also rehabbing the road between FM 279 and SH 64.

FM 279 Resurfacing Project

•       Limits: from Ben Wheeler to Edom

•       Contractor: APAC – Texas

The contractor is performing cleanup activities on this roadway between Edom and Ben Wheeler. Expect lane closures.

WOOD COUNTY – Mineola Maintenance resumes overlay work on US 80 west of Mineola; base repairs on FM 778; and edge repairs on FM 3056. Expect lane closures with flaggers directing traffic.

I-20 Total Maintenance Contract

  • Limits: Gregg, Smith and Van Zandt counties
  • Contractor: Fireman Excavating

Routine maintenance activities are ongoing on I-20 with moving operations throughout the week:

-        Debris Removal: Monday and Thursday from the inside lane through all three counties

-        Debris Removal: Tuesday and Friday from the outside lane in all three counties

-        Sign Maintenance: Wednesday in Van Zandt County

-        Striping Activities: Daily in Smith County

-        Mowing: Wednesday - Friday in Van Zandt County

No lane closures planned but that is subject to change.

Wood County construction projects updates:

FM 2869 Project

  • Limits: From FM 852, south of Winnsboro going South to FM 2088
  • Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview

Cleanup work continues throughout the project limits. No lane closures planned.

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