Proud Of East Texas: William Boney

William Boney, or "Boney" as he's called, had dabbled in all sorts of art from painting to glass etching.   But when he discovered metal art ten years ago, other art forms faded in comparison.

Although Boney has produced over two thousand pieces of metal art over the past two years alone, he has no studio in his Longview home and prefers to work outside, no matter how extreme the weather might be. He says he's an "outside type of guy."

Boney says he never runs out of ideas. His art takes on a variety of forms from objects of nature to both cowboys and indians. Most of his custom work includes the customer's name in the design and although some offer ideas, most just leave the design up to Boney.

Boney insists he enjoys all aspects of metal art from drawing designs to cutting steel. But he admits that the finish work is his favorite because it's like "icing on the cake." You can find out more about William Boney and his "Tejas Metal Designs" on his website at

Joan Hallmark, reporting.