Marine Returns Home To New Baby

After 2 grueling tours in Iraq, marine Joe Barron has come home to be with his family. A member of the marine 1-7, "baker company", Barron is back home for a special reunion. While he was on his second tour, his daughter "Cassie" was born.

"It was sad to think that my first born I'm going to miss, i can't even express in words just to be able to hold her it was awesome" says Barron.

"Oh my goodness i have no words, absolutely no words it was beautiful" says Barrons wife Summer.

In Iraq his patrols were near the Syrian border, and his unit was under daily fire. He was wounded on his second tour, but went out on patrol before finally going to the hospital. Enjoying his new fatherhood, he doesn't regret the sequence of events, knowing how important his job as a marine is.

"If they would have let me stay to see my baby born and something happened to one of my guys i wouldn't be able to live with myself for that" says the marine.

With a new family, Barron will take back with him a new purpose in life.

"It gives you more to look forward to, something to fight for" he says.

Barron returns to "29 palms" in California, where he'll find out whether he will be ordered back to Iraq.

Bob Hallmark reporting.