Better East Texas: Who will Trump and Clinton tap for running mates?

Better East Texas: Who will Trump and Clinton tap for running mates?

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue their campaigns against each other and each is facing a critical decision. Who will they tap for their vice presidential partners?

That question may not be answered for a few weeks but what a monstrous decision and responsibility that will be. The role of a running mate traditionally focuses on spreading policy messages that mirror those of the main candidate.

But in 2016, the vice presidential picks will most likely spend a load of their time defending their running mates. Both Trump and Clinton have their own issues and adding another mouthpiece will be an additional challenge because the veep candidates will be challenged and questioned about their soon to be boss.

Trump seems to live in either an offensive or defensive mode and his vice president will no doubt be put in the tough position of answering questions about Trumps comments. Hillary Clinton has avoided the press and live interviews like the plague for nearly the entire campaign so it will be her vice presidential candidate's turn to answer questions about her and probably about her email server controversy.

So, the candidates are entering this new phase and perhaps there will be some true platform substance after the newness wears off of the vice presidential choices. It may rescue this campaign from becoming a war zone and help stabilize the political process – or not. Either way, we are moving one step closer to the conventions where anything can happen.

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