Better East Texas: No justice in Stanford rape conviction

Better East Texas: No justice in Stanford rape conviction

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - A Stanford college student was convicted of sexual assault recently.

This was a horrible crime and to top it off the victim was unconscious and left behind a dumpster after the act. As revolting as that is, it is the sentence for the offender that is just as unsettling. The judge sentenced the student to six months in prison.

The prosecution was asking for six years but the judge felt the offender was not going to repeat offend because of his age, 20, and the fact that he had a clean record.

The father of the criminal even wrote a letter to the judge during the sentencing phase of the trial and even that was disgusting. The father wrote that his son has paid and continues to pay for the crime through high stress and that he has changed through the impact of this. Absent seemed to be a recognition of responsibility.

This seems to be the latest example of the so-called affluenza defense where this criminal and his father both seem to have lost sight of the impact this crime had on the victim. And the judge is a huge problem, as well as the punishment, which does not fit the crime. There is no real satisfactory explanation for the light sentence and there is now a movement to have the judge recalled.

While that may help future cases, this one seems to have been closed. It is disgusting when you see injustice like this and you can only hope and pray the victim is able to recover somehow – some way.

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