Apartment Fire In North Longview

Longview fire crews were called to the "Fairway apartment complex" just before five this morning. 15 units in all were damaged, four of those destroyed. A firefighter also suffered minor burns the complex is located at Mccann road and Hawkins parkway. Thankfully no one else was injured. Fire was roaring through the apartment section this morning when crews arrived, and immediately began to evacuate people living in and near the unit.

"We were sound asleep and heard a loud rap on the door and jumped up and ran to the door and a young man told us the apartment building was on fire" said resident Gary Walker.

Investigators say the blaze began in a ground floor apartment of an elderly man who suffered respiratory problems, and had several oxygen bottles in his room.

"One of them actually did rupture and help fuel the fire, and it spread upstairs into a seconds story apartment" says Longview assistant fire Marshal Brian Howell.

Several stunned residents got out with only the clothes on their backs, the fire got all they had. 11 trucks were called to the blaze, and one firefighter was treated for second degree burns. Relatives quickly came to check on their loved ones, and fortunately no one else was injured. Residents of 15 apartments now have to find another place to stay, and some must try to start over after losing everything. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com