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Congressman Gohmert Introduces Courthouse Security Bill

Make a threat against a judge and the penalty will be strict. That's if Congressman Louie Gohmert gets his way.

Today, he met with more than 20 judges and East Texas law enforcement officers to seek their input on legislation he's introducing on courtroom security.

The legislation is called "The Secure Access To Justice And Court Protection Act Of 2005."

The act would increase the penalties on anyone who makes a threat or assaults a judge, courtroom personnel, witness or juror.

The act prohibits creating false liens against a federal judge as an act of retaliation.

It creates a witness protection program for the state level.

It also allows federal courts to relocate in the event of an emergency.

The act would also step up court house security without taking away your access.

"What the bill will do is provide the resources for us Marshalls to investigate the courthouses to see what else needs to be done to provide security. There isn't a one size fits all for all courthouses," says Congressman Gohmert.

Congressional hearings will be held on this bill on April 26th.

Congressman Gohmert has asked Judge Cynthia Kent to testify during those hearings about the Smith County Courthouse shooting in February.

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