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Two--Year-Old Battling Cancer Has Support Of Hundreds

Cancer is a difficult illness for any adult to battle.
However, Braydon Smith is showing all those who meet him just how strong someone so young can be. For the past four months he's been fighting leukemia.
Most parents worry about their two year old's tantrums, not about their child getting cancer.
"I didn't believe it at first," said Victoria Smith, Braydon's mother of his illness. "I thought it was probably a mistake."
But, it wasn't. Victoria and Jacoby Smith found out Braydon was sick just days after his second birthday.
"We had his birthday party on a Saturday and on a Monday we found out he was positive for leukemia," Victoria said. "For 24 hours he went through so much you can't even imagine up there at that hospital."
Braydon has endured chemotherapy, spinal taps, feeding tubes, and 10 hospital admissions in eight weeks.
"He has days where he's a normal two-year-old and he wants things to eat and drink and then he has days he won't get out of the bed."
Friday, Braydon felt better and showed KLTV his playroom. His parents said it's possible because hundreds of people in Winnsboro and Sulphur Springs have adopted Braydon as their own.
"Just tremendous support from Sulphur Springs, they do benefits they do fundraisers, they have prayer vigils and they make signs to raise money for the family."
Businesses and people in the community all pulling for Braydon. His medical bills have reached $1 million. The Smith's will pay more than $200,000 of that even with insurance.
"We've had people who have offered to bring us food, who have offered to do our laundry, we've had strangers show up and say can we pray for you and can we pray for Braydon," Victoria said.
It's the prayers and support from hundreds motivating this family, and helping Braydon towards a full recovery.
"All that matters is to get him better," his father Jacoby said. "Nothing else matters."
Braydon is in remission now. But, he still has to undergo two and half more years of chemotherapy. If you would like to find out how you can help Braydon and his family, just go to the homepage of this site and click on the Know More on 7 icon on the right side of the page.
There you can find the link called "Braydon's Story".

Maya Golden reporting,

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