Better East Texas: Zika poses health threat for Olympics

Better East Texas: Zika poses health threat for Olympics

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - There is a great divide being generated in the world's medical community about the impact of the Zika virus.

This virus is the mosquito-borne virus that causes microcephaly, a serious birth defect. The divide is between doctors across the world and their recommendations to cancel or not to cancel the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in August. Brazil has become a sort of Ground Zero for the Zika virus and there is great concern that the virus will be spread even faster across the globe by the more than 500,000 tourists that will be drawn to Brazil for the Olympic Games.

No doubt politics and the massive economic engine will keep the games on schedule, though. Attendees and athletes alike are being told what they can do to minimize their chances of contracting the virus from mosquito bites or unprotected sex after the games. There is no doubt this is a huge global issue that most people had not heard of 6 months ago.

But perhaps the right thing is not to cancel the Olympics. Perhaps the right thing is to pull together the resources from across the world to work on a cure or vaccine with the highest urgency. The Olympics provide a target – a goal - and without treatment very soon, the virus will most likely spread even farther than it already is – which includes several cities in the U-S – with or without the Olympics.

What a great celebration of global community the Olympics can be if the event is the catalyst for finding the cure for Zika.

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