Better East Texas: Baylor misconduct case serves as example to other schools

Better East Texas: Baylor misconduct case serves as example to other schools

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Baylor University is dealing with the most recent college athletic implosion that centers around complaints of sexual misconduct by multiple players.

It has cost head football coach Art Briles his job as well as that of University President, Ken Starr. The details will come out eventually but it appears that Briles and most likely other staffers were aware of several sexual assault actions by football players and they chose not to act appropriately.

I saw one headline that suggested this situation was the result of putting winning ahead of anything. But it is really more than that. If players or other students were committing crimes, they should have been turned in. It may have cost the offenders but the team, most likely, would have been spared so winning was still an option.

But no, this is a case of someone getting selfish, serving only themselves and it appears it was Art Briles. Apparently there are a few others but he looks like he, at least, turned away and ignored the accusations. All for the sake of taking what to be the easy way out - using and abusing the power of position to act selfishly.

Now the victims are still victims, the offenders are offenders and there may be more lives affected once the investigation is concluded – certainly dozens of innocent football players are also paying the price. Ego and power are easily corrupted when selfishness steps up.

This is a warning for all organizations and individuals that choose self over rules and laws.

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